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Doc and Christine pose w/ Silver Oaks Ranch Winning Horseshow Team

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Channel 30 Transmitter
Sunset Ridge California
My first job was transmitter operator.


Leaves from a grateful student of God's Teacher.


I’d been a “Christian” for as long as I could remember.

Raised in the Baptist traditions of my mothers family with all the religious traditions, guilt laced communions, and “Pastor's”  being extra “friendly” to my 6’ tall, blonde haired, blue eyed, big breasted mother, I can’t tell you how many times I took the altar call. It wasn’t until I had visited my grandmothers’ church several times in a short period that my enthusiasm for all the “Born Again” attention was extinguished by a Sunday School teacher that basically said "Knock it off, one alter call is Enough!"

Fast forwarding to the summer of 1979, only weeks away from my 19th birthday, I was really searching hard to find God. The message coming from  "Mainstream Christianity"  was not adding up for me, I was becoming more skeptical by the day, but holding on in prayer for God to show me the way.

Fortunately for me, my grandmother's sister, (My Great Aunt Lucille) had married a preacher. His name was Dr. Paul Maddox. Having been the Chief Of Chaplin's of the European theater in WWII , he was the first into every German city that was freshly captured, and he amassed a great collection of the “Spoils of War” along the way. Sometime after the war he became a part of Billy Graham’s inner circle during the hay days of revival. One day out of the blue uncle Paul paid me a visit.

From my youngest days, Uncle Paul called me the “Great One”, I never knew why, but this day was no different. Except now I was a young man.

That day my Uncle Paul changed my life in way so profound, I can only now weep in remembrance. Paul told me “Great One, if you really want to learn about God, you must listen to a man named
Dr. Gene Scott.

I had no idea who Dr. Scott was. (And I wondered why Uncle Paul didn’t tell me to listen to Billy Graham?) The day would not end without an introduction.

In those days my older brother had a landscaping company I was working for during the summer. After leaving Uncle Paul I headed for the equipment yard to rent a small bulldozer called a “Bobcat” needed for the work that day. I was standing in the rental office and there was a small black and white television on top of a tall file cabinet. The TV was on, and a man's head filled the frame. The volume was off. I asked the rental agent what he was watching and he told me it was
Dr. Gene Scott!!  I was stunned. I spent 20 minutes talking about the Dr. Scott guy. The agent ( his name was Paul too!) told me I could listen to him live that night on the radio dial 99.5 FM. Of course I was glued to the radio that night, but Doc didn’t show. He was out of town but sent his mother, "Mom Scott" to do the evenings live show. She gave the great testimony about her and Pop Scott’s (Doc's father and a minister), life with the young Gene Scott. She told the whole story of how they raised up a man to teach the Last Generations how to be Christians!

That’s the short story of how I became a student of Dr. Gene Scott. Years later I got the chance to tell Doc about my Uncle Paul, and to check a fact or two. Doc confirmed that he had met my Uncle Paul in the days when the Melody Land church in Anaheim came under attack. My Uncle Paul, Ralph Wilkerson and Dr. Scott worked together to successfully save that old church. The following Sunday Doc memorialized my story about Uncle Paul by weaving it into his sermon. I guess you could call it a full circle.

I was with Doc for nearly the entire 30 years he was pastor of Faith Center. I did a 4+ year pastors internship with him from 1984-1989 and continued in his employ or as a volunteer then and nearly 3 years after his death and home-going. I loved him as a father, admired him as a man's man, and I'm proud to call him my Mentor and Pastor. I miss him very much, but eternity and the great reunion will come soon enough. Until then, there's still work to do, wars to be fought and eternal rewards to be earned.

Thanks Doc for your faith and courage to train by example. Thank you for your sheer determination to never let us down. You never did! - Addison B. Bachman

“The Sword of the Lord and of Gene!!!”

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God's Angry Man


Dr. euGene Scott
August 14, 1929 - February 21, 2005


Doc and I at Chasens Restaurant

Helping Doc light his "Freedom Stick!"

My Wife and Doc?

"POP" Scott Christening my young son

"POP" wanting a picture with me and my vette. He loved that car!

"Big Brad" ordered to Smoke a Victory Cigar after a "Security Issue arised"
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